Gas Piping


At Jeff Bernard Plumbing provide gas piping installation in the Worcester and Central Mass area, repair, and maintenance services for residential and commercial buildings as well as new construction. Our gas piping services include:


Gas Boilers: Just as your car needs tune-ups to keep it in good running order, your furnace or boiler needs periodic tune-ups to keep it in tip-top running shape. A regular maintenance program for your heating equipment is relatively inexpensive and can pay dividends in energy savings and increased equipment life.


Gas Furnaces: Natural gas and propane burn cleaner than fuel oil, and most gas furnaces present fewer operational difficulties than oil burners do. If you are looking for maintenance or considering a whole new heating system, call us for a free estimate.


Gas Water Heaters: Jeff Bernard Plumbing repairs and installs all models of electric, gas, and instantaneous water heaters. If you have a water heater that is over heating or under heating, is leaky or smelly, call Jeff Bernard Plumbing. You may have a problem with your water heater thermostat, TPR valves, dip tubes, anode rods or more. Call Jeff Bernard Plumbing today for a repair solution.


Gas Stoves: If your oven doesn’t heat or bake evenly, it may be in need of repair. Jeff Bernard Plumbing can diagnose and fix your oven quickly and efficiently.


Gas Dryers: Is your gas dryer taking longer than it did in the past to dry your clothes? Call Jeff Bernard Plumbing now and we will get it back to running efficiently to save you time and money.


Gas FireplacesA gas fireplace can be a great addition to any New England home. A simple click of a button can have a comforting fire started almost immediately.


Gas Grills: Gas grills are great for any party. Make sure your gas grill is ready for any occasion by calling Jeff Bernard Plumbing.


Gas Generators: With heavy Massachusetts snow and rain, the power grid can leave you in the dark in the worst times. Having a gas generator professionally installed by Jeff Bernard Plumbing will keep electricity flowing evenly, even if the rest of your neighborhood is without.

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